About Me

Hey, thanks for checking out my “About Me” page.  I’m pretty simple to understand.  I like drawing and painting.  I like working with people and doing my best to help others solve their creative problems.

I’ve been in the field of illustration for about 20 years and have loved almost every minute of it.

My art training began as a child but continued with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art.  I draw on this training to bring a somewhat unique quality to my illustrations and, ultimately, to your project.  I have learned, and continue to learn, countless things about art and illustration since earning my degree.

Away from work, I’m a husband, traveling soccer Dad, music-lover, nerdy vintage toy collector, and retro video game enthusiast (joystick and one red button for the win!)

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects with a variety of different people.  Among these projects… Batman: Absolution, a fully-illustrated graphic novel for DC Comics, six issues of an Incredible Hulk comic for Marvel, and non-comic projects including an illustration for National Geographic magazine and a series of posters for Propaganda Games/Disney Interactive.

I believe in being fair with people, treating them like I want to be treated, and doing my very best to help them realize their ideas and vision for their projects. Together, we can make great things happen.





National Geographic Magazine

DC Comics

Marvel Entertainment

Propaganda Games/Disney Interactive

Topps, Inc.

Ebonite International

Wizards of the Coast

Syrastar Productions

Platinum Studios