How I Work


1) Concept discussion, Pricing, and Project timeline

In this initial stage, we discuss what is needed in an illustration and what type of usage is necessary (cover, full-page, spot, etc.).  This is typically done over e-mail or phone conversation.

Pricing is also determined at this point.  After knowing what and how much illustration is needed, I will present a price bid for the project.  This price most often covers all stages of the illustration process.  I use the Graphic Artist Guild’s Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook to assess a fair and competitive fee for the project.

Deadlines are typically set at this point, also.




2) Research, Reference, and Sketches

At this point, I do any necessary research for the project and gather reference materials to begin sketches.  Reference materials can include location photographs, props, costumes, and even any photographs of models needed to pose for the project.

With reference in hand, I produce a variety of sketches to show my ideas for the concept and give some visual choices on which to make decisions and move forward towards the final illustration(s).



3) Sketch Presentation and Client Feedback

Upon completion, sketches are typically e-mailed or faxed directly to the client.  This provides an immediate avenue for viewing and contemplating the sketches.

The Sketch Stage is where most major revisions to the concept can be requested before I begin the final drawing or painting (where it can be more difficult and time-consuming to make large changes).

If necessary, I can produce another sketch based on any desired changes to an initial sketch. For instance, the photo on the right shows how a good idea to add a smashed bowling pin made the original sketch more exciting and dynamic.




4) Drawing and/or Painting of the Illustration

With a sketch approved, I begin the process of drawing and painting the final illustration.  Based on the size and complexity of the desired illustration, the time it takes to the produce the illustration can vary.

I paint in watercolor with some touches in gouache and occasionally digital application.



5) Final Illustration Presentation

When I’ve completed an illustration, I typically e-mail a lower-resolution copy of the piece to the client for final approval.  If desired, minor tweaks and revisions can also be performed, at this point, which may be on the original painting or done digitally.

Once an illustration is approved, I deliver the final piece as a high resolution file via FTP server or file transfer service to the client’s e-mail Inbox.

CONTACT ME if you’d like to get a project started.